Revitalizing Program Offerings

Marketing & Analytics
The client is a recognized Fitness and Recreation leader in the Greater Toronto Area. To remain competitive in an increasingly crowded market, RCG was asked to help the client revitalize their program offerings to align with shifting member preferences.
  • Toronto-based recreation and fitness centre specializing in instructional and group classes
  • 25,000+ members across the GTA

Throughout the 30+ years of operations, the client provided world-class facilities, classes and events. However, in recent years, membership has declined due to misalignment between programs and member needs. Existing feedback channels highlight a number of member pain points, including accessibility needs, gender-segregated services, class offerings, and instructor qualifications. RCG was brought in to help the client better understand their members so that program offerings can be adjusted to meet member needs.
1. Discovery
RCG began by analyzing fitness trends and benchmarking the performance of current program offerings against popular programs offered by industry leaders. The results highlighted a number of trending and high demand programs that are currently not offered by the client. To narrow this down, RCG surveyed 1900+ current, past, and potential members. Multiple physical and online marketing activations were used to generate a broader array of responses.

2. Recommendation
With the combined knowledge of industry trends, competitor offerings, and high demand programs from target members, RCG was able to identify a list of relevant program changes, prioritized by complexity and member interest.

Following the presentation to executive leadership, RCG’s recommendations received unanimous support with approval to implement program adjustments over the coming year.