Modernizing Patient Assessments

Product Development
The client is a medium-sized rehabilitation centre that has operated in the US for over 40 years. In midst of digital transformation, RCG was asked to develop a product concept to modernize the patient assessment process. RCG created a set of wireframes and process maps to illustrate the ideal assessment journey.
  • US-based neurorehabilitation centre
  • 800+ staff across 30 locations

In recent efforts to modernize patient care services, the client had invested in machine learning capabilities. To fully utilize the new technology, legacy processes must be updated to efficiently capture, store, and move
patient data. RCG was asked by the COO to develop a product concept for an internal patient assessment tool with the goal of eliminating outdated paper systems.
1. Discovery
Through staff interviews, RCG mapped out the current
patient assessment process.
  • There are 29 categories of assessment data and 110+ data fields updated on a weekly basis for each patient. RCG segmented the assessment process into 3 sections and prioritized information based on update frequency.
  • After diagnosing the current state, RCG discovered that inefficiencies were largely attributed to the manual task of transferring data from paper documents to internal software. Based on research, RCG created the ideal map of the patient assessment process.
  • During assessments, physicians use many references such as the Rancho scale guide to assist their evaluations. RCG identified the list of common references and reports used by different stages in the patient’s assessment.
2. Wireframing
RCG created a set of wireframes and process maps to illustrate the ideal assessment journey.
The product concept was well received and approved for implementation by the executive team. The positive feedback from physicians also initiated plans to white label the product in the future.