Expanding into New Territories

Strategy & Planning
The client has been operating a successful restaurant franchise for the last 30 years. With new priorities set on international expansion, RCG was asked to create an entry strategy for the Canadian market. Using proprietary resources, RCG developed a 5-year plan highlighting the roadmap for establishing 27 restaurants in 3 cities.
  • Europe-based restaurant specializing in healthy foods
  • 250+ establishments across 20 countries

To meet ambitious growth targets, the company had created long-term plans for international expansion and digital transformation. After seeing major success from new establishments in the US, the restaurant set its sights on Canada. RCG was asked to develop a strategy for entering the Canadian market.
1. Discover
RCG started with a comprehensive analysis of major regions within Canada. Neighbourhoods in large Canadian cities were ranked for market attractiveness and fit.

2. Plan
RCG then evaluated the feasibility of using different operating decisions at each potential location. The results formed the final recommendation which outlined the criteria for each potential location, projected restaurant performance, and the timeline for expansion within Canada.

The recommendation was well received by the client and plans are under review to begin testing restaurants in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.