About Us

RCG is a student-led consulting firm that has provided advisory services to businesses since 1972. For over 45 years, RCG has consistently exceeded client expectations with high-quality, tangible results. RCG draws its talent and resources from a prominent, cutting-edge university, located in the heart of Toronto, Canada.

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Unmatched Expertise
Our team is comprised of top students from a variety of faculties and backgrounds. Our resources span across an extensive network of students, alumni, academic research, and proprietory databases.

Practical Solutions
Our forward-thinking and data-driven approach addresses the unique needs of each of our clients while providing fresh insights and actionable recommendations.
Tangible Results
Our dedication for creating tailored and actionable solutions give clients the confidence to meet all of their goals and strive for long-term success.

RCG provides organizations, startups, and enterprises of any size the strategic insight to resolve organizational issues and capitalize on opportunities.

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RCG Alumni Placements
Students who join RCG develop strong leadership, communication, and analytical skills that allow them to become top performers in their respective careers.