About Us

Ryerson Consulting Group (RCG) was first established in 1972 as Ryerson Business Consulting Services, and has since been providing entrepreneurs and established businesses with professional and quality services. In 2012, the organization was rebranded as RCG.

Our goal is simple: we aim to surpass expectations with immaculate results.



Ryerson Consulting Group is structured similar to a consulting firm. Our staff are carefully selected based on previous work experience, analytical abilities and academic standing. Our organization has three levels:


Partners are the leaders of our group who have more than one year of experience as RCG consultants and have shown great leadership initiative. They are responsible for client relations, project delivery and internal development. Partners are the face of our group.


Consultants are senior students who have shown commitment to their careers through their experiences and have been assigned on more than one RCG project. Their talent is reflected in the quality of their work and strong problem solving skills. Consultants are the backbone of our group.


Associates are highly motivated and ambitious junior students. Recognizing they are early into their career, they receive a consultant as a career mentor and their progress is closely followed. Associates are the future of our group.